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In frame Kitchens is a type of Kitchen where the door of the cabinet is inset within a wooden frame, and the frame is fixed onto the front face of the kitchen carcass.

The frame provides strength to the front of a cabinet and is also seen as a visual feature.

In Frame Kitchens borrow from traditional cabinet furniture construction and conjures up images of traditional craftsmanship and long-term durability.

Frameless kitchen cabinets consist of a plywood, particleboard or chipboard carcass. The edge of the carcass is laminated with edge banding concealing the edge of the cabinet. The doors are fitted directly to the carcass of the cabinet.

As there is no frame, they cost less and take much less time to build. Because of the reduced amount of wood necessary, this style of kitchen cabinet quickly became very popular for its affordability.

Framed kitchen cabinets have a frame fitted to the carcass first, after which the cabinet door is fitted to the frame The doors can either be fitted inside the frame (inset or in-frame kitchen cabinets) or sit on top of the face of the frame, with the frame being partially or completely concealed.

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In-Frame kitchen carcasses are built using 18mm solid pine, plywood or particleboard and are glued and screwed for additional strength. The face frame is then made using the same solid wood as the cabinet door fronts. While this does increase the cost, it lends superior stability and durability to your kitchen cabinets, ensuring that they will last a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance.

But why does the in-frame kitchen construction process leave you with a better product?

In Frame Kitchens are made using traditional cabinetry techniques and epitomise time-honoured craftsmanship and durability.

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